Technologically advanced double encapsulation ensures active ingredients are delivered deep into the hair follicles for visible and long-lasting results.


Say goodbye to constant hair loss and bald spots on your head. Pelo Baum Hair and Scalp treatment trio is here to the rescue. The Pelo Baum treatment range is a perfect marriage of science and nature. The treatment trio, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment solution for the scalp, harnesses the powerful hair-growing properties of scientifically advanced main active ingredients.

Combined with natural vitamins and plant extracts, the active ingredients work harmoniously to bring you optimum results to end all your hair loss woes with just three simple

steps daily.



Pelo Baum is perfect for anyone suffering from Alopecia,

hair thinning and excessive hair loss, regardless of age or




1.            Are there any side effect for using Pelo Baum in long term?

No, Pelo Baum is proven clinically safe for long term usage.

2.            How frequent do you need to use and apply Pelo Baum?

It is recommended to use the whole range on daily basis for optimum result.


3.            How soon can I see result from the application?

Result period varies for different individuals as it depends on the condition of the scalp and hair. Compliance in terms of usage and hair loss treatment prior to usage (eg. CYJ Hair Filler treatment) are highly recommended for optimum result.


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