What is Revigance made from?

The Revigance collection of face fillers is made from supreme and pure monophasic crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA).

Each product in the Revigance range of fillers is made from a modified form of HA. Revigance has an even cross linking of HA technology that enables it to ensure high elasticity, longer duration and natural look results. Revigance is also approved with advanced safety measures.

Why is Revigance HA Filler your most trusted choice? 

What is HA?
HA is Anionic / non sulfated glycosaminoglycan. It contributes in cell proliferation and migration. HA also Acts as a cushioning and lubricating agent for joints, nerves, hair, skin and eyes. In the cosmeceutical industry, it is known to have the Magical ability to retain MOISTURE.


Revigance HA Fillers range are formulated to match different types of indications. The 3 Revigance HA Filler range are represented by Revigance PLUS, Revigance DEEP PLUS and Revigance IMPLANT PLUS.

Types of Revigance HA Fillers
Revigance PLUS is an injectable HA gel that is suitable for lips augmentation for achievement of more volumized and plump lips.

Revigance DEEP PLUS is formulated to smoothen moderate to severe wrinkles around nose and mouth area.

Revigance IMPLANT PLUS is our star product that formulated specifically for cheek,chin, jaw and nose augmentation as it is proven to produce bone-like structure result (high elasticity property) that is long-lasting for up to 18 months.


Q: What are HA Dermal fillers?
A: Dermal fillers are substances used in soft tissue augmentation to restore volume and fullness of the skin.

Q: Why should I choose Revigance?
A: Revigance offers long-lasting results which has been clinically proven as it is made from an even cross linking of HA technology which offers the regular and dense lattice hence the ability of the filler to stay on place in the injected area. Due to its extremely pure cross linked HA, Revigance is also proven to cause minimal or no swelling at all prior to injection, leaving patients at comfort during and after treatment.

Q: Is there any contraindication or side effect for Revigance?
A: Revigance has a very good advanced safety measures as during the production, ingredients that will normally lead to irritations are kept to minimal amount in the content. Patients may experience minor after injection effects such as slight skin redness, itching or slight pain and tenderness. These reactions will usually disappear gradually.

Q: Who is qualified to administer Revigance treatments?
A: Any Medically qualified health professionals such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians are all qualified to administer.

Q: How long does a Revigance treatment last?
A: Revigance provides long lasting results but due to the fact that it is made of pure HA, it is not a permanent treatment. Follow-up sessions are normally recommended for maintenance purpose.


 Actual patient. Results may vary. Unretouched photos taken before treatment and 2 weeks after treatment.