• DR CYJ Hair Filler


Dr.CYJ Hair Filler is the First hair filler in the world that function with sustained Released & Peptide Technology. Invented by Dr Yong Ji Chung whom has 14 years of Research on specialized peptide complex, it is developed by Innovative Peptide Complex for Hair Regrowth & Scalp Reconstruction. DR. CYJ Hair filler provide three main functions:

REVITALIZE SCALP - provide nutrients to scalp and hair root for healthier and thicker hair
PREVENT HAIR LOSS - prevents hair cell death and delay catagen phase
RESTORE HAIR GROWTH - generate new hair follicle through stem cell activation
Its soft formulation made it is easy to inject and has solid clinical efficacy results in 8 weeks with a total 4 session treatment. 


CYJ Hair Filler is injected on target scalp area. Healthcare professional will apply topical anaesthetic cream on scalp and alcohol swab prior to injection process. It is an 8-week program treatment with only 1 session for every 2 weeks. CYJ Hair filler is suitable for Alopecia patients (men & women), patients with Thinning hair, patients with Hair transplant that who wished to increase their hair survival rate and Alopecia patients who aims for synergy effect (combine with other applications).


Q: Who are the suitable candidates for Dr. CYJ Hair Filler treatment?
A: • Patients with alopecia (hair loss)
• Patients with thinning hair
• Hair transplant recipients who wants to increase hair survival rate
• Alopecia patients currently using other forms of hair loss or hair growth products can utilise this treatment to see accelerated results

Q: How does the product work?
A:Dr. CYJ Hair Filler, is injected to the scalp where it will slowly release active ingredients throughout a period of 2 weeks to stimulate hair follicles and cells to boost hair growth. It works to stop cell death so that healthy scalp and hair growth can be achieved.

Q: What is the treatment course?
A: The product is injected to the scalp. The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes and requires 1 session every fortnight for 8 consecutive weeks.

Q: Who can administer Dr. CYJ Hair Filler?
A: Only by medically qualified and trained health professionals are allowed to administer the treatment.

Q: How soon can I see results from the treatment?
A: The first noticeable results are commonly observed 15 days after the fourth treatment. The treatment inhibits the process of hair loss, working hard below the surface of the scalp and stimulates new hair growth.

Q: Are there any side effects from receiving the Dr. CYJ Hair Filler treatment?
A: Dr. CYJ Hair Filler treatment is a very safe procedure. Patients may experience slight redness, swelling, bruising, itching or mild pain at the injection area following the treatment. It usually would subside over 72 hours.

Q: How do I maintain the treatment results after the completing the treatment regimen?
A: A monthly maintenance treatment every 6 months post-treatment is recommended to sustain the effects of the treatment.